Looking for race car service?

We can do most anything from basic track preparation, time trial and autocross work, to more serious track builds.

We carry a full line of professional racing components. Check out our online racing shop for a full catalog of track parts and accessories.

Chassis & Aero

The foundation of any car is its chassis, and having a strong and light body is where all builds start.  Every car has weak points that while driven on the street may never present themselves, but on the track they become a liability.

We can permanently solve your car’s shortcomings whether it’s torn subframe mounting holes, cracked engine mounts, or mushroomed strut towers.  Beyond reliability modifications, we can also insure your car’s chassis meets all the safety and performance requirements of your race/TT/autocross class through installation of safety cages, aero, and other chassis modifications.

  • Welding & Fabrication
  • Install reinforcement plates
  • Strut tower strengthening
  • Bracing for suspension and chassis
  • Rear adjustable wings and custom mounts
  • Underbody panels for smooth flow
  • Front adjustable splitters & canards
  • Vents & ducts for cooling or aero optimization
  • Removal of unnecessary brackets and parts
  • Lightweight composite body panels
  • Polycarbonate windows and windshields
  • Ballast & Relocating components