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We can do most anything from basic track preparation, time trial and autocross work, to more serious track builds.

We carry a full line of professional racing components. Check out our online racing shop for a full catalog of track parts and accessories.

Safety & Interior

Your first priority when building or modifying a car for on-track driving should always be safety.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a daily driven car that sees occasional track use, a weekend sports car, or a full out race car.

Part of having a safe car is also about having a comfortable car that supports the driver through a properly fitted seat, easy to operate harnesses and nets, and adequate driver cooling systems.  Being hot and uncomfortable add to the stress of high speed driving and reduce your performance.  Having well fitting and spaced controls, seats, and harnesses make sure you are operating at your very best.

  • FIA & SFI rated composite seats
  • Full containment adjustable seats
  • Seat sliders for multiple drivers
  • Floor, side, and cage mounts
  • Cockpit, engine, and fuel extinguishers
  • Novec, AFFF, Halon, and others
  • T-handle pulls and electrically activated
  • Kill switches and inertia activated switches
  • Quality 5, 6, and 7 point harnesses
  • HANS compatible setups
  • Window and center (right side) nets
  • Setups that retain stock OEM 3 point belts
  • Custom cooling shirt setups
  • Helmet blower systems
  • NACA ducts into cockpit
  • Drink systems
  • Floor Pans & Dead Pedals
  • Mirrors & Mounts
  • Padding
  • Pedals & Steering Wheels
  • Consulting on gear options
  • Test fitting for compatibility
  • Sales & Service for Equipment